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Maskne is a condition seen on the skin in the area covered by regular wearing of a face mask. Hot air trapped between the mask and skin can create the ideal environment for skin becoming unbalanced, which leads to breakouts and irritation on the skin. Maskne can also be caused by the constant rubbing or friction on the skin whilst wearing a mask. Some individuals may also develop a dermatitis on the skin due to the material of the mask not agreeing with their skin.

how to limit or prevent maskne

  • Maintain a good skin routine that includes light moisturisers, especially on skin that is oiler or tends to sweat.

  • Use protective style products to shield the skin from friction.

  • Power up your routine with a target treatment to hydrate and calm the skin before you see the signs of skin damage.

  • Gently cleanse AM and PM to remove buildup.

our recommendations

skin smoothing cream active moist

calm water gel Barrier repair

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