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nose, ear lobes, tongue, dermals

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Follow general instructions carefully. Apply a padded Band- Aid carefully each night for the first week to hold the jewellery secure until the site firms up. Hold the stud at the top and move the inside tail if visible or annoying. Don’t change the stud for at least 6 weeks. Take care when brushing hair, after showering; removing clothing,sleeping, face washing etc as the stud is easily dislodged.

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Ear Lobes

Generally heals well, Ear Cartilage piercing can often be difficult and uncomfortable and can take longer to heal Avoid sleeping on it Regularly change your pillow case Avoid bumping it with your phone Make sure hair doesn't get wrapped around it Stud guns should be used on ear LOBE piercings only and not any other area due to potential damage.



Follow General Instructions carefully. Apply a cover if desired for the first few days. Do not touch or let others touch your piercing. Tongue play or oral contact around your new piercing should be avoided for 2 weeks. Be aware of knocks when playing sports and wearing tight clothing, belts or sunglasses. Keep a check on hair which touches or may become drawn into the site ORAL In the first 2 weeks, keep your mouth cold by sucking on ice, sipping cold drinks and eating soft, cool, non-spicy foods. Rinse with an ANTISEPTIC mouth wash twice a day. Do not touch excessively with fingers or tongue as this slow down the healing time Be aware of health issues during sexual contact (avoid for 2 weeks) Ask your pharmacist to recommend an anti-inflammatory tablet to reduce the potential of swelling if needed. You have a longer bar than needed to allow for the potential of swelling. Return to your piercer and change down the bar size to a smaller length 10-14 days after the piercing. Tighten balls daily by turning clockwise. A new toothbrush is recommended immediately for teeth and gently cleaning the tongue. Avoid moving the barbell excessively as this will stress the tongue and potentially chip teeth.

Sternum, body modifications, tattoos, microdermal colar style concept. Photo of surface pi

Dermals, Surface piercing


The piercer will apply a dry, breathable dry dressing over your new implant once pierced.

Please leave this dressing in position for 2 days and 2 nights  It does not matter if it gets wet in the shower.

Always insure your hands are clean before handling

the area near the piercing.

Change the dressing very carefully after 2-3days after showering and allowing a gentle stream of shower water to wash the implant.



NeilMed piercing aftercare fine mist saline spray with a special mist tip is isotonic, drug free, preservative free, no burning or stinging. Sterile saline solution that cleanses minor wounds and scrapes without any burning or stinging. Sprays in any position, including when inverted.

  • Sterile, drug free, and preservative free

  • No burning or stinging

  • Portable, convenient for travel or on-the-go

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Super quick, Kaylee was lovely with my daughter would 100% recommend 👌🏼

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Professional, friendly and hygienic

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April was on time, she was friendly and made me feel comfortable, she did a great job on my lashes, highly recommend, will be going back for sure.

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